{ We NFS Carbon Movies Folder} Emmmar

Logos To keep things simple, I decided to keep the default Carbon icon and use a smaller version of it to serve as my folder icon within the browser. Feel free to use any of the icon sets provided with the theme and also see the {{carbondemo}} icon 01e38acffe %APPLICATION_NAME% creates video files under ~/Videos. 1. Initialize a File Manager Window gvfs-open /media/disco/YOUR_MOUNT_POINT If you are using Dapper, you will be prompted to select a video format and a codec. By default, Dapper will try to guess your video format. The next step is to select the preferred video format and codec for your machine. The other interesting options are --initial-child-processes=”n”: – the number of child processes created by this session. --decode-binaries=”yes”: – enables decoding of binary streams in the movie files. 2. Start the process totem /media/disco/YOUR_MOUNT_POINT/{your-video-file-name}.{your-video-format} You can use ffmpeg as well ffmpeg -i {your-video-file-name}.{your-video-format} -c:v {your-video-codec} {your-video-file-name}.{your-video-format} {your-video-codec} in this case will be selected using ffmpeg. 3. View the playback statistics totem {your-video-file-name}.{your-video-format} Statistics are in the bottom right corner. Notes 1. In this folder, you will find all the files that are not videos. Some of them may contain metadata, mainly movie files. It is unlikely that you will find a movie file without a video file. If you want to convert the video file to a movie, you can use MEncoder. The command is m2v {your-video-file-name}.{your-video-format} You can use MEncoder as well. mEncoder {your-video-file-name}.{your-video-format} 3. You may want to replace the video files. You can download the new ones from the Internet and use MEncoder to convert them. You can download the new videos from the Internet and use MEncoder to convert them. 4. You may want to rename the video files. You can download them from the Internet, but they will always have the same name, so it is likely that they will be deleted

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