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See also CAM software CAMC External links Category:3D graphics software Category:CAD software Category:Computer-aided design software Category:Discontinued softwareQ: Bash/sh alternative to python's select Is there an equivalent to python's select in sh/bash? For instance: select file in the following way if $file=$2 then do_something fi A: See this question (and the linked answers). The bash standard behaviour for test is to return the first match, with the -o option for an alternative behaviour. The equivalent of the python's (amongst others) is the noclobber option for the test builtin. The test builtin works like the python's but also takes -o and -e. So test -n -o file "$2" does roughly the same as the python's. However the bash builtins work like python's with test but they don't take option. If you need to wait for files, use select. See and More students take learning into their own hands Students at North Denver High School created a “clubhouse” in their school using a website that allows students to design their own spaces to get things done. One student, junior Daniel Edwards, came up with the idea after realizing the spacious spaces at his school weren’t being used to their potential. The “Clubhouse” website allowed students to upload their own ideas for projects like a dog kennel, pool, or art room. “I created the clubhouse on my own,” he said. “It was hard work at first, but after a while it got easy.” Edwards has previously created another website that allows students to choose their own path at school or at home. The idea stemmed from an assignment where students had to create a map that showed where students needed to be taken and why. “I just saw the lack of clubs at our school,” Edwards said. “The idea was to create something that’s here for us. We don� be359ba680

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